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Susan Hamilton AIS and Pilates Instructor

Susan Hamilton

About Susan

Helping people to be more flexible and stronger gives me joy and great satisfaction. Like a personal trainer, I coach students to do Active Isolated Stretching and Pilates to the best of their abilities. It’s encouraging to see them being able to stretch farther and develop their muscles, being elated at their progress.


Throughout my life, I have been involved in sports and knew it was important to stretch, but when I moved to Tucson in the summer of 2007 and was introduced to the Yoga House at Civano, I really began to appreciate how to stretch properly. After taking my first Active Isolated Stretching class, I remarked, “That’s how my body is supposed to feel!” I rarely missed an AIS class after that.

In the spring of 2008, I began teaching the AIS classes at the Yoga House after being trained by Monica Eng, who trained with Aaron Mattes (the educator who developed this breakthrough method of stretching). An eager learner, I continue to educate myself about the nuances of Active Isolated Stretching with Mattes’ and Jim and Phil Wharton’s books, making the stretches as effective as possible and adapting them for people with specialized needs.


In the spring of 2010, I took a 5-week Pilates training intensive with Ingrid Anderson. I learned the basics of mat-based Pilates and how to teach Pilates poses, utilizing various props, understanding target muscle groups, adapting poses for people who have trouble with poses, and utilizing warm-up exercises.

I continue to study Pilates books, DVDs, and information to find suitable exercises to add to my mat Pilates classes. I am currently studying for my Group Exercise Instructor certification with the American College of Sports Medicine, the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world. These NCAA-accredited courses are comprehensive and well respected throughout the fitness industry.


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