Stretch + Strength

Gain flexibility and muscle strength as you stretch every muscle in your body with Active Isolated Stretching™ (AIS). This carefully constructed program of stretching exercises promotes wellness by increasing tissue elasticity and joint range of motion. AIS is beneficial for recovery from injuries, arthritis, stiffness, and stress relief. Light weight training helps prevent osteoporosis and promotes muscle strength. Whether you suffer from a frozen shoulder or have lower-back problems, specialized AIS techniques can help. You’ll also get energized with AIS therapeutic exercises.

Can you reach the top shelf?
Can you look over your shoulder?
Can you touch your toes easily?


Mat Pilates

Strengthen your core (abdominal muscles), work on balance, and tone your body in this fun Mat Pilates class. We use large and small Pilates balls to promote balance and coordination. Working with weights, the Pilates ring and elastic band will build your muscle strength and flexibility. Your posture, core strength, and flexibility can improve with Mat Pilates. If other Pilates classes you’ve taken have been too rigorous, try this class. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish while you have a good time exercising. Moderate/Dynamic.

How good is your balance?
How strong is your back?
How toned are your abs?


Basic Pilates

My Basic Pilates class incorporates easy Pilates moves to strengthen the core. It is combined with the Stronger Knees & Balance class I offered last fall to strengthen the knees and legs and improve balance.

So many of you have told me that you want to strengthen your core but don’t think you’re ready for a full-blown Pilates class. I’ve tailored this new class for you. We’ll do some easy Pilates exercises that are modified for beginners but will still give you stronger abs. Your posture can also improve with Pilates. I’m combining this class with some balance work and focus on knees. These mild exercises will help you improve your balance—something we all need. And who doesn’t want to have stronger knees? The exercises in this class will strengthen your knees by focusing on your leg muscles. You can choose to use ankle weights or not in this portion of this class. My Basic Pilates class meets from 10:00 - 11:00 A.M. on Fridays.

Dance Aerobics

Work your large muscle groups to promote cardio-respiratory fitness and burn calories while having fun in dance aerobics class. This low-impact class is easy on knees and joints while still offering the same results as high-impact aerobics – but without the potential for injuries.

This hour-long class includes warm-up exercises to loosen muscles; dance aerobics moves done at a moderate pace, a dance routine, and cool-down exercises. You don’t have to be coordinated to take this class because it’s all about moving and having fun.

Exercise shoes with thin soles are worn for this class. They should provide cushioning and some shock absorption, as well as good arch support and stability. If you want to try this class before buying shoes, just wear socks to your first class. Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement should be worn and bring water to stay hydrated during class.

Dance Aerobics classes are offered seasonally from November through April.

Are your stamina and general fitness lacking?
Are your balance and coordination good?
Are your heart and respiratory system conditioned?

Water Aerobics

Enjoy fun, effective cardio-respiratory workouts that are low impact and easy on knees, ankles, and joints. You’ll get your heart rate up and use the resistance of the water to strengthen and condition your body. Higher energy exercises are interspersed with recovery moves.

We use props (pool noodles, plastic dinner plates, and hand pool weights) in this hour-long class. You’ll need to bring a hat, towel, and water to drink. Applying sunscreen before you come to the pool – at least on your upper body – will keep your skin from getting sun damage.

Water aerobics classes are given at the Civano North Pool twice weekly from May through October.
Please contact Susan (270-4440) to sign up for these specialty classes.